5 Important Facts about Dental Implants

5 Important Facts about Dental Implants

May 30, 2019

Dental implants sound more painful and tedious than they actually are. However, a visit to Steven Feldman DDS can bust this myth as one learns more about the procedure on the visit. Before that, it is important to know some important facts about the same if you are already looking for a periodontist in Venice.

    • 1. Dental implants have a 95% success rate

      Managing missing teeth or the ones that cause trouble is no longer out of bounds and impossible to achieve.
      With a huge success rate of 95%, going for dental implants is an almost fool-proof way to obtain the perfect set of teeth both for utility and appeal. A good periodontist in Venice fl is sure to decide the best way to go about it depending on one’s specific case. Steven Feldman DDS has a proven track record of the most success rates when it comes to dental implants in Venice.

    • 2. Preserved oral health is a bonus

      Dental implants save one from the harassment of constant dentist visits for root canals and cavity treatments as dental implants are cavity-proof! One’s oral health is automatically taken care of at least in regards to teeth.

    • 3. Long lasting

      Being almost as strong as natural teeth, dental implants are simply perfect. They don’t wear out easily. Once placed, they heal around the bone and become a part of one’s body. Most periodontists in 34285, especially Steven Feldman DDS provide best quality implants that last almost as long as you do!

    • 4. Natural looking and feeling

      Dental implants are not only strong and sturdy but also look and feel natural. This makes the person feel less conscious and s/he can sport a confident smile anywhere and everywhere without anyone’s knowledge of the teeth being implants.

    • 5. Dental implants restore 70% or more of chewing ability

      If you are looking for a periodontist near you, ensure that the quality is good. Steven Feldman DDS is one of the places which provides dental implants that restore more than 70% of chewing ability. This showcases the strength that dental implants have and how close to natural teeth they are.

With everything being positive about the procedure, it is only in one’s best interest to go for it. Hygiene and quality are imperative and Steven Feldman DDS is one such place that is known for the same.