6 Dental Implant Problems That can be Prevented

6 Dental Implant Problems That can be Prevented

Jul 01, 2019

The periodontist in Venice, FL, says that dental implants are not a fad. In fact, they are one of the best solutions for missing teeth. It is not a trend that is expected to change, but a reality that will last for longer. Also, the implant dentistry has improved in several ways that we can replace the missing teeth. The dental implants are being used for now nearly four decades.

According to the periodontist near 34285, when the implant procedure is performed under proper circumstances, the success rate is nearly 98% and that is because most of the problems that cause implant failure can be prevented. Let’s have a look at some of the common reasons for the failure of dental implants:

  • Infection

The antibiotics and proper oral hygiene are the best ways to prevent any infection after getting dental implants near me, especially during the first month of the surgery.

  • Sinus problems

Lower bone density between the upper implant and the floor of the sinus can be corrected with a bone graft procedure done prior to, or during the placement of the implant. This will help in preventing sinus issues.

  • Nerve damage

According to the implant specialist, using the digital x-ray imaging for verifying that the lower implant is not placed too close to the nerves that run through the jawbone can help in preventing nerve damage.

  • Failed osseointegration

The dentist or surgeon will review your medical history for identifying any systemic or immune conditions that can prevent the bone from healing properly around the implant post.

  • Metal allergy

According to Dr. Feldman, most of the dental implants are made from surgical quality titanium and a material that is known for being highly biocompatible. The chances of allergy to the metal are 0.6% of the entire population.

  • Bone loss

The dentist might recommend a protective night guard or the athletic mouth guard for reducing the biting forces on the implants when you are sleeping or participating in the strenuous physical activities.

As compared to the fewer risks, the benefits of dental implants are way more.