Improve Your Brushing and Flossing Habit with These Tips

Improve Your Brushing and Flossing Habit with These Tips

Feb 12, 2019

The most important thing patients of Dr. Steven Feldman DDS can do for their optimum oral health in West Venice, FL is to adhere to a schedule of brushing and flossing their teeth daily.

Many people believe they are doing exactly that, when in fact there are some best practices that aren’t being followed, Keep reading to learn the skills you should practice to be most effective in removing disease-causing bacterial plaque.

Following are some topics that can help you implement and achieve the best possible at-home oral health.

Consistency Matters

Dr. Steven Feldman DDS recommends that you brush at least twice a day and floss at least once a day to prevent a buildup of plaque. Not adhering to this schedule could cause tooth decay and periodontal disease. In all cases, however, make sure you use a gentle technique when brushing and flossing since a more aggressive touch could damage your gums or your teeth’s enamel.

Freshness Matters in More Ways Than Your Breath

Keep an eye on the condition of your toothbrush. If it becomes excessively worn, it’s time for a replacement. When you begin to notice the bristles becoming worn or splayed, it’s time to get a new, soft bristle brush.

Toothpaste is Important Too

A walk down the oral health care aisle at your West Venice, FL grocery or drug store can leave you overwhelmed. Patients of Dr. Steven Feldman DDS often ask for our advice on the best toothpaste to use. From a hygiene perspective, you should choose one that contains fluoride to strengthen enamel and an anti-tartar agent to inhibit the formation of hardened plaque deposits. Also, if you’re in the habit of rinsing out the toothpaste after you brush, you may want to start just spitting it out since rinsing it may wash away helpful fluoride.

Being Sensitive is No Excuse!

Having sensitive teeth is not an excuse to not brush. If you experience sensitivity, there’s usually a reason for it. We encourage you to make an appointment for an examination to determine if the sensitivity is being caused by gum recession, usually due to gum disease, which may be exposing your teeth’s roots. This condition can also cause discomfort and sensitivity when you eat or drink hot or cold foods.

If you’d like more information on brushing, flossing and any other aspects of oral hygiene, please contact us. The caring and professional staff at Dr. Steven Feldman DDS periodontist in West Venice, FL are always available to answer any dental health question you have.