When Are Same-Day Implants A Possibility?

When Are Same-Day Implants A Possibility?

Jun 16, 2019

Many believe dental procedure may require night stay to the clinic, as it uses anesthesia and sedation but the advancement has made it possible to successfully complete such procedures on the same day. With the advanced technique of same day implant provided by Periodontist at 34285 patient can go back home on the same day when the implant is performed.

A Brief History Of Dental Implants

A few years ago when dentists already realized the worth of dental implant surgery, they lack the right knowledge and tool that could predict its success rate. It was in the year 1965 when first dental implant was performed by a Swedish surgeon. In a few years, it received popularity and now the success rate of implant surgery is 98 percent.

Cone Beam CT Scans

Unlike, traditional CT scans, the Cone Beam CT scan let get the 3D view of teeth internal structure to identify defects in teeth structure and jaw. Periodontist at Venice fl uses this advanced CT scan technique to detect issue in muscle and nerves of tooth.

Implant Planning Software

With advancement in technology, implant planning software was introduced. This let dentist to get a 3D image of teeth and jaw. This software helps judge the precise location and angle of dental implant.

Bone Grafting

It is important to identify that there is no subsequent bone loss before performing the dental implant and if required bone grafting is done to restore the lost tissue. Before getting dental implant, search Periodontist near me to know if you need grafting before implant.

Who Is Eligible?

Most patients can be an eligible patient for getting the same day implant. This is possible because of the state of art technology. An expert dentist use advance methods for extraction and placement of implant. This is a successful procedure which can ensure a quick recovery.

Speak with Periodontist today

One may obtain same day dental implants in Venice, FL and when you wish to know if you are suitable patient for this or not, speak to an expert dentist.