Why Have Dental Implants Become So Popular?

Why Have Dental Implants Become So Popular?

A crucial type of dental treatment is a tooth replacement. Not replacing a missing tooth can lead to a wide array of dental issues in the long run. Dentures have been commonly used for replacing missing teeth, but the implants have emerged as a popular alternative recently. If you’re wondering what makes the implants more popular than traditional dentures and bridges, keep on reading the below space.

What Is A Dental Implant?

Periodontist near 34285 says that the implants are designed to be durable and long lasting and they look closest to the natural teeth. The implant is a titanium screw that is infused in the jaw bone for replacing the root of the missing tooth. When the titanium implant gets fused into the jawbone, a crown is placed over the gum line. Here’s a look at some benefits of dental implants in Venice:

They’re Effective

They meet the expectations of having a closest replica of natural teeth. They function exactly like the natural teeth and offer the same biting force along with the aesthetic appeal, says the dentist in ENGLEWOOD.

Success Rate

According to some studies, dental implants have a whopping 98% of success rate. Consulting a board-certified periodontist in Venice, FL can increase the chances of success.

Long-Term Results

Dentures aren’t a long-term solution and they also come with their drawbacks such as lack of grip and lisp. However, implants are a long-term solution and if taken care of properly, they can last for a lifetime.

They’re Adaptable

The periodontist near SARASOTA says that unlike other options, implants are suitable for almost every person with missing teeth. Whether it’s single missing tooth or more than one tooth, implants are ideal for everyone.

They’re Replaceable

Although this would need extraction, you must know that the crown of the implant can be replaced. The crown is either screwed or cemented on, so in case of cracks or chips, it can be replaced.

They Improve Appearance

The dental implants not only restore the function of the tooth but also improves its appearance, says dentist in NORTH PORT, FL.